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Altman Pictures was founded in 2013 by Barry and Ryan Altman, a father and son duo who share a burning passion for filmmaking. The Pharm is their first independently financed full length feature film. This movie is made completely in house, employing the talent of their long term "film family". For more information on Altman Pictures, please visit us at

Sam Paxton : Adam Dorsey
Amanda Paxton : Keleigh Kremers
Mr. Black : Barry Altman
Timothy : Brian Geiger
Jimmy: Brenton Ruh
Parker : Madison Cassady
Nikita : Natasha Alam
Mrs. Black : Frances Roper
Ace : Ryan Altman
Vice : Kenny Ware
Miller : Sergio Macian
Dr. Altman : Glen Baggerly
Carter Winslow : Lew Hopson
Ernie : Nicholas Hope
Red : Rory Keane
Jane : Becca Smith
Worm : Jesse Popp
Ryan Altman
Ryan Altman
Barry Altman
Executive Producer:
Barry Altman
Keleigh Kremers
Brenton Ruh
Alden Halpern
Co Producer(s):
Rich Hobicia
James Flynn
Omar Lopez
Barret Kaplan
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