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Paxton, Samuel

Age: 36​

Occupation: Botanist

Spouse: Amanda Paxton

Place of Birth: Santa Clarita, CA

Current Residence: Lancaster, CA

Bio: Former staff sergeant in US Army. Served two tours in Afghanistan. After losing his mother to the big C, Sam devotes himself to finding a cure, through his own special enhancement of CBDs.

Paxton, Amanda

Age: 32​

Occupation: Nurse

Spouse: Samuel Paxton

Place of Birth: Portland, OR

Current Residence: Burbank, CA

Bio:  Working in the field of modern medicine, Amanda despises the barbaric practices of chemo-therapy.  She often slips her hospitals cancer patients Sam's CBD extracts.

Black, Caesar

Age: 58​

Occupation: Racketeer

Spouse: Olivia Black

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, NY

Current Residence: Encino, CA

Bio: Formerly Caesar Bonamo of New York's Bonamo Crime Family. Currently owns and operates an underground gambling racket outside of Los Angeles.

Edwards, Timothy

Age: 28​

Occupation: Botanist

Spouse: N/A

Place of Birth: St. George, Utah

Current Residence: Lancaster, CA

Bio: Former Marijuana dealer and enthusiast. Currently works on Sam Paxton's Pot Farm. Well versed in the history of Marijuana and it's legal/illegal background.

Mason, James

Age: 33

Occupation: Unknown

Spouse: N/A

Place of Birth: San Clemente, CA

Current Residence: Mammoth, CA

Bio: Former Sergeant in US Army. Served two tours in Afghanistan. Jimmy finds it hard to transition back to being a civilian.

Miles, Jaxon

Age: 33

Occupation: Racketeer

Spouse: N/A

Place of Birth: Huntsville, AL

Current Residence: Torrence, CA

Bio: In and out of Prison since the age of 15. Right Hand man of Mob Boss Caesar Black. 


Age: Unknown​

Occupation: Mercenary

Spouse: N/A

Place of Birth: Unknown

Current Residence: Unknown

Bio: Unknown

Renfro, Parker

Age: 32​

Occupation: Unknown

Spouse: N/A

Place of Birth: Ventura, CA

Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Bio: Executor of his Grandmother, Angie Renfro's estate. Landlord of the Paxton Pot Farm. Degenerate gambler.

Winslow, Carter

Age: 62

Occupation: Scriptol CEO

Spouse: N/A

Place of Birth: Tacoma, WS

Current Residence: Malibu, CA

Bio: CEO of the leading pharmaceutical conglomerate, Scriptol. 

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